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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Unsuspecting Winner ...

This weekend is turning out to be quite hectic.  It seems after one small job is complete another twenty appear in its place.  But who said starting your own business would be easy? Not one yet. I would never say such a thing to anyone...because it is the biggest challenge I have ever faced! On the upside, it is so much fun and a real adventure! So if you are planning to start your own business from scratch GO FOR IT. Life is far too short and you should enjoy doing what you love.

It's all getting a bit emotional on here! So moving on to the tale I really wanted to tell!  

We received an email from one of our favourite clients who has been busy inter-railing around Italy for the past week (lucky thing) asking us to whip up a quick Victoria Sponge for the day they were due to return (as they had to jet straight off to a birthday party)! 

I baked a three layered sponge, oozing with fresh butter cream, sweet strawberry jam and topped with sliced strawberries; it was fit for any 'birthday party'.  I delivered the cake this morning, only to be told that the cake will be entering a competition...?  I didn't get to test the cake as there were no 'cut off's' so was feeling a bit nervous! Uh oh... is the butter cream the right consistency? Will the strawberries on top of the cake stay fresh for the day? I thought 'oh well if it doesn't win... It doesn't win' and my friend can claim the looser cake and say she baked it herself...  Mwhaha

So you can imagine the joy when I received the call letting me know The Cake had won the competition being judged by a French pastry chef! Unfortunately... my client did have to own up and confess she didn't bake the cake herself. 

We can now safely say this cake will be on the menu, so you will have to come in to taste it for yourself! 

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