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Friday, 1 June 2012

Celebrations For Queeny

The Diamond Jubilee is looming and everyone is gathering their best china and street party ware to celebrate Queeny’s reign of 60 years. Bless her.  It almost feels like we’ve gone back in time – there’s a sort of ‘war time’ atmosphere about the place, the weathers been gorgeous, the whole country have two extra days off work - so it's smiles all round.  Lovely

Perhaps you are attending a street party, music concert or maybe just watching the celebrations on TV.  Whatever you are doing, this is without a doubt, the greatest opportunity for any vintage, cake, tea, Queen lover to celebrate in true Vintage/British style!
I will be baking the entire Vintage Cake House menu ready for hungry people to taste and critique.  We will of course be adding Jubilee style to the event by serving on the beautiful china we’ve purchased from various charity shops, auctions and Ebay. So, if you’re feeling hungry and don’t have anything planned you’re more than welcome to come and join us!

Latest News:

Plans are progressing swiftly. Today is my last ever day working for somebody else, I will then officially be self-employed. Lordy.  It is such an exciting feeling and the pressure is on!
Last legal bits should be completed in a few weeks – (if you are training to become a solicitor, congratulations and stick at the hard work because let me tell you – your wage will be brilliant!) After that it’s all hands on deck for me and my amazing team to start the ‘fun’ aspects of the shop i.e. painting of the furniture, making display wedding cakes and generally making the shop look beautiful.
I am also very excited to announce that the lovely Rosie Grace Lawton (talented artist/my right hand woman) will be joining me on this venture, bringing even more vintage gorgeousness and fun to The Vintage Cake House and I have no doubt this is the start of fabulous things to come!

So far I can’t thank everyone enough for your help, love and support – you know who you are

 P.S – Tune in for our radio interview with BBC Surrey on the 20th of June for their ‘Afternoon Tea for 2’ show at 2:30pm :)

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