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Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy Baking & Vintage Recipes

It has been a busy past couple of weeks, with juggling a full time job and business plans coming out of my ears, in preparation to open The Vintage Cake House to the public. However, I have managed to perfect some cake recipes recently - and have succeeded in making a gorgeous Carrot Cake, which has a lovely home-made taste and texture to it. 

It got me thinking that I would love a collaboration of every ones favourite recipes that have been passed down by a Granny or Nanny, Auntie or Mum.  What recipe gives you that warm, nostalgic feeling when you smell the aromas coming from your oven? There really is nothing better than a home-made feel to a cake - or any dish for that matter.   

One of my special recipes would have to be 'Aunty Joans Grantham Gingers' - which we loved as small children (and still do!). They are quick and effective little treats and this recipe brings back such fond memories from time spent with my two brothers, at our Auntie Joans. 

So now, I would love for people to share their special recipes, as I would like to include interesting and unique treats within the Vintage Cake House's menu - for our new Tearoom (opening soon).  I want everyone to experience good, wholesome, honest food that brings back memories from the past and accentuates the Vintage feel of the tearoom. 

If anyone would like to share their recipe and for it to be included on our menu, then please feel free to do so - maybe include the name of who passed it down to you, or, a name you like to call this recipe - so we can do it justice on the menu!

Happy Baking 

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