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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mulled Wine & Toffee Apples

We are definitely getting into the Halloween spirit...we have pumpkins ready to be carved, however we are waiting for our 'creative director' Lou Cooper to return to help us out!  

Our window display is surprisingly spooky and was very simple to create - we went for a 'Miss Havisham' theme.  If you can get your hands on some fake cobwebs ('pound land' is a great place for random us) they are affordable & very effective! Try adding a few spiders for even more creepiness.. 

Halloween Cupcakes ... 

I made these cupcakes a while ago for a 'Zombie' themed party... however they are a great design for this Halloween.  The cupcake flavour is chocolate sponge with a rich chocolate butter-cream topping. 

For the eyeball design - roll white fondant icing into a small ball - press out a tiny black circle for the pupil, (attach to the white eyeball using a touch of water acting as a glue)... taking a clean/fine paintbrush use red coloured paste to paint veins onto your eyeball! Place onto cupcake. It is simple, effective and horrifying!! 


For a little Halloween treat we will be open until 7pm - serving hot mulled wine and toffee apples (other hot drinks will of course be available) yum. 

We will also be holding a costume competition - so for anyone wanting an excuse to dress up for Halloween, there you go. If you have come to any of our previous events, you will know we mean business when it comes to fancy dress... so if you don't dress up you're not allowed in .. just kidding ... but you might have to do a forfeit!  :)

Hope to see you all there!

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